World Oncology Organizing Committee

Fatjona Kamberi

University of Vlore Ismail Qemali

Biography: Fatjona Kamberi in 2016 has completed her PhD in Nursing Science from ReadMore...

Research Interest: Nursing Research Nursing Education Health Education Pub ReadMore...

Mike Robinson

Global Cannabinoid Research Center

Biography: The founder Global Cannabinoid Research Center in Santa Barbara Califo ReadMore...

Research Interest: Cancer, Oncology, Cancer Research

Michael Retsky

Board of Director
Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health
United States

Biography: Michael Retsky (PhD in Physics from University of Chicago) made a care ReadMore...

Research Interest: Physics and Cancer

Arshak R Alexanian

Chief Scientific Officer
Cell Reprogramming & Therapeutics LLC

Biography: Dr. Alexanian Arshak (PhD, VMD) is a founder and Chief Scientific Offi ReadMore...

Research Interest: 1) Elucidation of epigenetic mechanism governing normal and ReadMore...

Sergey Suchkov

Sechenov University

Biography: Sergey Suchkov was born in the City of Astrakhan, Russia, in a dynasty ReadMore...

Research Interest: Cancer Research,Immunology